Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oh my goodness...........I forgot to tell you all something!! We were able to find a new home for our cats Paris and Toonces. They went to a wonderful couple from our church. Although we miss them a lot Paige has been breathing. :-)
We have so much to update you on it isn't even funny!! Where should we start?
First: Paige started eating solid foods- she loves sweet potatoes!!
Second: Great Aunt Nancy and Great Uncle Rich got to see Paige. She had SO MUCH fun while they were here.
Third: Paige went to her first College World Series game with us and her Great Aunt and Uncle. She even made it onto the Jumbo Tron!

Fourth: Paige has a new sister in law. Jays dad and his wife had a baby girl and named her Keelie LaRee.
Fifth: Pagie rolled over!! She can go from her stomach to her back. She has been working really hard on going from her back to stomach but makes it to her side and starts laughing.
Sixth: Paige weights 14 pounds!!! Holly cow is right, she is a good eater. We had to take her to the doctor the other day for this cough that she has. Jay thinks she sounds like an old man that smokes, I think she sounds like a barking dog. It might be a cold so we are going to ride it out.
Seventh: We went to our friends cabin for Jackson's birthday party and Paige got to wear her bathing suit. The lake was to cold for her to swim in but she did have her first boat ride. It was so much fun!!

So in a nutshell a lot has happened and we have more summer fun coming our way. We also have a ton of pictures to post so I will get on that as soon as I can.
Love you all!!
Miranda aka Mommy

Monday, June 4, 2012

Miranda was feeding Paige and towards the end of the bottle Paige decided to take over and finish feeding herself so Miranda had her phone and took a little video of Paige holding her own bottle.  She is getting so big.  She is a happy baby and loves to smile and coo at us.

Paige rolled over.....Paige rolled over.....oh my goodness Paige rolled over!!! What an amazing day it has been. As you can see I am pretty excited. Paige has been rolling her hips to the side when she is on her back so we knew it was just a matter of time before she would get it. So I laid her on her stomach today and it took about 5 mins and she rolled to her back. After that she rolled back up on her side and gave me a great big smile. I think she knew I was excited. 
We have lots of pictures to post so I will do my best to get on that. 
In less then 2 weeks we will be having some visitors coming. Great Aunt Nancy and Great Uncle Rich will be here next week. Paige is so excited to meet them she can hardly sleep!!! I will take a ton of pictures and post them soon. We hope all is well your way.
We love you all!!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hello all,
   Yesterday was a big day for Paige and mommy. They went to cousin Nathan's state soccer game here in Omaha. The sun was shinning and it was a perfect day. Paige got to hang out with her cousin's Alexis and Madision and her Aunt Sylvia. Her cousin Austin and Uncle Robert were there too but they had to stay with the team. Mommy put sunblock on Paige but forgot her left cheek so needless to say got a little burnt. Sorry Paige. Mom felt really bad. Thats ok though mom didn't put any sunblock on herself and is walking around today looking like a lobster!! The sun must have worn them out because when they got home they took a long nap. We all have a very busy weekend ahead of us, Oma and Papa Row are flying in tomorrow and we are all headed to Kearney for Nathan's graduation. We will post pictures next week of our venture.
Love you all!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

All is well in the Helmick house hold. We are adjusting to daycare and working. We have decided however that we need to find a new home for Toonces and Paris, our 2 cats. Jay and I don't have any time for them with Paige here and the cat hair is getting to much to handle because the cats are a little stressed from not getting any attention anymore. We want to find them a great home and they have to go together since they have never been apart. Jay and I have thought about this a lot and we think it is the right thing to do. Even though it is sad it has to happen. So if anyone knows of someone who would love 2 wonderful cats let us know. Hope everything is going well with everyone else.
Love Miranda
Mommy and Daddy get me all set up for my husker baseball game.